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Starting Prices for grooming:

Dog-a-holick charges by the hour for grooming, we do not charge by service, breed, or size of dog.  We charge by time to do our job correctly.

Our base hourly rate is $60.  If your dog takes 1.5 hours it is $90.  2 hours $120.  2.5 hours $150....

 If your dog requires De-matting ADD per 1/2 hour $30 on top of hourly rate. 

Grooming includes bath, nails, ear cleaning, and hair cut.  


Dog Bath:

Includes Ear Cleaning, nails, bath, paw balm (winter as needed) and de-shed (as needed).

Bath prices are by the minute.  If you dog takes 45 minutes It costs $45.  If your dog takes 35 minutes $35 60 minutes $60.  

Bath includes bath, nails, and ear cleaning. 



*Pricing is subject to change since all grooms are based on size, condition, type of groom for your dog, and our time. 

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