All Dog Grooming Services

*Pricing is subject to change since all grooms are based on size, condition, type of groom for your dog, and our time. 

Services & Rates

Each pup that comes to Dog-a-holick, goes through a thorough check up with our pet stylist, in order to assess his/her grooming needs and discuss with their parent the desired look they want.



Our rates are based upon your pup's skin condition, hair, and coat type. Prices vary depending on his/her weight, level of difficulty, and the time spent getting pampered.


Bath Time

Long Hair $60-$90

Short Hair $35-$75

Bath & Haircut

Poodles and Doodles $95-$250

Other Breeds start at $60 and go up from there.

Price is based on coat condition, breed, behavior, and our time. 

 If your dog requires De-matting ADD per 1/2 hour $30 on top of hourly rate. 


Mini Groom

Includes everything in a BATH, plus very light trimming of the face, feet, and private area. This is a great option for winter, if your dog's coat is in great condition. 

Prices start at $45 and go up from there. 

What comes with our services? 

-Personalized Consult with a Stylist

- Bath with our luxury pet shampoo that provide excellent results.

-Tearless Chamomile Facial

-Ear Cleaning

-Ear Plucking upon request

-Nail cutting & Filing

-Pads moisture/hydration

-Teeth Cleaning

-Brush out

-Blow out

-Deshed Treatment

-Education for Pet Parent if needed

-Extra Love & Attention


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